Bulletin Development

Real Estate Development

Bulletin Development acquires land or opportunistic properties to develop into world class facilities. We focus in the Sports & Entertainment sector with flex and industrial commercial real estate. 

Bulletin Development makes use of its growing network to spot opportunities and timely execute on high-quality, cutting-edge properties. We take pride in having a positive influence on our communities.

Sports Facilities

Over 20% of Americans participate in Indoor Sports, with growing demand each year. Given the prevalence of professional, amateur, and youth sports in our daily lives, we see sports as a cornerstone of daily life. 

We are committed to providing sports facilities to towns and counties in need. While non-profit organizations, such as schools and churches, are a great platform for our communities, we believe that sports facilities are the only way to satisfy increasing consumer demand for local and commercial sports programming.

Entertainment Concepts

US Total Recreation spend eclipses $550 Billion each year. With the exception of the COVID pandemic in 2020, consumer spending has increased year over year.

With the proliferation of Golf, Pickleball, and Trampoline Park facilities nationwide, it is our belief that customers are engaged through 'Sportertainment', and we are committed to creating and investing in emerging entertainment. We actively seek new technology and partnerships to enable the next wave of sports & entertainment concepts.

Technology Innovations

We believe that Sports and Entertainment will continue to innovate and look very different in 3-5 years: augmented realty, holograms, interactive lighting and sensors, and other new technology to improve experience, safety, and economics.

We continuously seek out and maintain dialogue with best-in-class designers and developers of Sports and Entertainment innovations around the world. We are   committed to introducing such innovations in the US market.